Solutions for Ostomy Care

Protect and care for delicate
peristomal skin.

Our Products

Our StoCare and Ostoform ranges combine the latest technology and research with user-friendly features to provide everyday solutions for ostomates.

Developed with you in mind

At Rhodes, we are dedicated to finding solutions designed to enhance the quality of life for ostomy patients. Our products aim to prevent leakage and take care of peristomal skin, ensuring long-term comfort and well-being. We partner with innovative companies to continually improve our range.

Our ultimate goal is to help ostomy patients manage their stoma and regain their normal lives.

We are committed to conserving healthcare resources, by developing quality, efficient, cost-effective solutions, these valuable resources can then be better allocated towards improving patient outcomes.

StoCare Remove

Our range of medical adhesive remover products are designed to help ease the removal of dressings and stoma appliances.

  • STC100 – StoCare Remove Spray (50ml)
  • STC200 – StoCare Remove Wipes (30 sachets)
  • STC300 – NEW – StoCare Remove XL Spray (100ml)

StoCare Protect

StoCare Protect provides a protective barrier to shield skin from moisture, irritants and the effects of repeated adhesive removal.

  • STC150 StoCare Protect Barrier Film Spray
  • STC250 StoCare Protect Barrier Film Wipes


The Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST is a unique mouldable hydrocolloid seal with an innovative directional flow component.

  • OFA-S Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST – Small
  • OFA-M Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST – Medium
  • OFA-L Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST – Large

Collaborative partnerships driving breakthrough solutions

At Rhodes Pharma, we are excited to have partnered with Ostoform Ltd with the joint focus of bringing innovative solutions to the UK market that enhance comfort, promote better skin health and provide improved quality of life for ostomy patients. Our partnership aims to set new standards in ostomy care.

Moving towards a greener future

We are committed to a greener future by making conscious choices to reduce plastic usage and promote sustainability. We firmly believe that every action counts when it comes to preserving our planet.

That’s why we prioritise using recyclable materials in our products and packaging.

By opting for eco-friendly alternatives, we aim to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we actively streamline our processes to eliminate excess materials and unnecessary waste.

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