StoCare protect spray gives a fine even distribution of the product providing a consistent barrier like ‘like a second skin’ against irritation from the adhesive or moisture from the stoma whilst allowing optimum adhesion of the flange or base plate. StoCare protect barrier helps to keep your patients skin healthy and therefore better protected against infection and irritation.


StoCare protect has a non- sting formula which will not irritate delicate skin and since it is free from cold propellant it is not shockingly cold when sprayed.

Easy to Use

StoCare protect spray comes in a convenient 50ml canister which has ‘Airless bag Technology’ allowing a continuous spray in any direction. This means that even if your patient is sitting or lying in bed it is just as easy to use. This may be particularly beneficial for those patients who have limited movement or those who would prefer to care for their stoma themselves

Cost Effective

The ‘Airless bag Technology’ allows the spray canister to be completely emptied and means that there is no wastage. All our products are drug tariff approved and are manufactured in the UK


Significant cost savings

StoCare Protect Barrier is available in a convenient single use wipe which is equally effective at protecting the skin from damage. The wipe has the same non-sting formula in a soft moist wipe which is gentle and easy to use. The wipes are in single sachets which are particularly useful for patients when they are travelling away from home.