StoCare Protect

Keeps your patient’s skin healthy in several ways:

StoCare Protect provides a consistent barrier ‘like a second skin’ to prevent damage from stoma output which may leak under the base plate and cause breakdown and irritation of peristomal skin. The barrier prevents moisture content sitting in contact with the skin.

In addition the protective barrier helps to protect peristomal skin from the effects of repeated medical adhesive removal which can cause further problems by stripping the skins natural barrier making it more susceptible to infection and irritation.

Our StoCare Protect range contains an emollient which sooths the skin, assisting in the healing process and maintaining healthy peristomal skin.
StoCare Protect products enhance the adhesion of the stoma appliance. This helps to prevent leakage, allowing the skin to heal and the appliance to last longer. Less appliance changes means less disturbance to delicate skin and leads to better healing.

Least expensive bag-on-valve range on drug tariff without compromising on quality.

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StoCare Protect Products

StoCare Protect Spray


StoCare Protect Wipes (30 sachets)


StoCare Protect Barrier Film Spray 50ml

NHS Code: STC150    PIP Code: 394-5771

  • Effective Protective Barrier… maintains healthier skin
  • Latest bag on valve technology
  • Quality at the best value for money for the NHS

StoCare Protect Barrier Film Wipes (30 sachets)

NHS Code: STC250    PIP Code: 408-5270

  • Effective Protective Barrier
  • Quality extra moist wipe… extra kind to patients skin
  • Quality at the best value for money for the NHS
  • Individually packaged sachets… convenient for patients on the go or when travelling

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