StoCare Remove

Our StoCare Remove range is designed to ease discomfort and prevent skin damage when removing the stoma appliance from the skin. A medical adhesive remover can be particularly helpful in the presence of inflamed, damaged, or fragile peristomal skin.

StoCare Remove is a silicone based, alcohol free medical adhesive remover which can be prescribed as a preventative measure for MARSI (Medical adhesive-related skin injury) helping to remove the flange from the skin without compromising skin integrity or new appliance adhesion.

The StoCare range is the least expensive bag-on-valve range on drug tariff without compromising on quality, saving valuable resources for the NHS.

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StoCare Remove Products

StoCare Remove Spray (50ml)


StoCare Remove Wipes (30 sachets)


StoCare Remove XL Spray (100ml)


StoCare Remove Medical Adhesive Remover Spray (50ml)

NHS Code: STC 100 PIP Code: 394-5789

  • Gentle & Effective non-sting formula
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Latest bag on valve technology

Now available as a 100ml cannister

StoCare Remove Wipes Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes (30 sachets)

NHS Code: STC200 PIP Code: 394-5797

  • Quality extra moist wipe… extra kind to patients skin
  • Effective non-sting formula
  • Individually packaged sachets… convenient for patients on the go or when travelling.

StoCare Remove Wipes can also be used to remove adhesive residue and paste which remains on the skin after the removal of a stoma appliance.

StoCare Remove XL Medical Adhesive Remover Spray (100ml)

NHS Code: STC300    PIP Code: 425-5329

BIGGER, greener … even more cost effective for the NHS.

Same gentle formula, same effectiveness, same bag-on-valve technology.

Less plastic, less aluminium taking steps to help build a greener future.

Also available as a convenient 50ml cannister.

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